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It’s why we put purpose before profit every day of the week. It remains at the heart of what we do, today and tomorrow.

In our universe, Belonging means a number of things.

Belonging means local shoppers are Co-op owners

Being locally owned, we can focus on providing the products and services needed by islanders. We share our success, handing dividends back to local people and reinvesting back into our islands.

And most of our customers are members and shareholders, with a vested interest in our success and a say in what we do.

£8 million a year is returned to local member owners in dividend.

Belonging means local producers are partners

We actively look to stock our shelves with local products and are proud to have local producers as partners, in many cases for years and years.

Buying locally is good for our economy and the environment around us.

£11 million of goods a year are purchased from over 40 local producers.

Belonging means our communities are supported

Together, we turn profits into lots and lots of donations, funding local community projects, charities, environmental initiatives and a whole range of life-affirming work. We help those who help others to transform local lives. Our vision is to make a real difference to the communities we serve.

£230,000 a year is donated to over 500 local community projects.

Belonging is everything

Belonging is also about being inclusive, protecting our environment, supporting sustainability, connecting with others, being listened to, investing in regeneration, encouraging the next generation, having a low digit share number and so much more…

So, belonging means everything to us.