MWMT Crowdfunding To Grow To Reach Communities Across The UK

Our crowd-funding request makes use of the wonderful philanthropic, modern-day tool of crowd-funding, through GoFundMe. We hope it can help us to support the growth of our MWMT 5km Walks to reach many more local communities. We have had requests from farther afield than Jersey to expand our MWMT 5km Walk initiative to reach communities across the UK and also Europe.

Visit Our GoFundMe Page to donate to MWMT and be part of providing regular 5km walks for men across many local communities

We envisage our fund-raising target would allow us to grow our MWMT 5km walk initiative to reach an additional 25 communities across the UK while allowing us to develop our MWMT platform in preparation to grow farther afield.

Ideally we are after CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) partners, whom we can support with advertising benefits, to fund our initiative but we also warmly welcome any private individuals that wish to assist our charity initiative development out of pure philanthropy.

If you are a generous philanthropist interested in donating to our cause: Visit Us Here

If you are a company interested in CSR and interested in donating to our cause: Visit Us Here. Or email us at:

Funds shall be used to facilitate, promote and manage our free MWMT 5km walking events across many countries to reach as many communities as possible. Funding will help set up and operate spin-off fundraising events . It will also be used to develop our website to incorporate registration, data collection, and open and stock our fund-raising online retail MWMT store. Finally, funding will help cover our governance and legal obligations for expanding our MWMT initiative.

The MWMT 5km walk initiative is a very simple yet inclusive and powerful tool for improving both men's physical and mental health.

We hope you can help.

Even if you wish just to contact us directly to discuss setting up a 5km MWMT walk in your community - wherever that may be in the world - then we would love to hear from you:

Donate To MWMT Here: