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Due to the joys of winter weather, there aren't any MWMT 5km walks planned until the New Year.

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In the midst of a frantic Sunday primary school Christmas fete, hordes of excitable children and over-eager parents singing Jingle Bells, two dads, met at the hot dog stand asking 'how are you?'.

From that simple exchange, the idea was born for a way or local men to interact whilst enjoying a simple walk.

So what is Men Walk, Men Talk? It is a simple men's health initiative co-founded by Matt and James. An opportunity for a social event; a gathering of men. An opportunity to socialise with other men and simultaneously take a short break from the treadmill of life.

The 5km walk is simple and easy, non-competitive, non-judgemental, encourages conversation and allows you to escape the treadmill of life. It's not a race. It doesn't matter what you wear. It's just an opportunity to get things off your chest with your fellow man. You can even skip the walk and volunteer to make it work for others.

It is a myth that men won't talk. At Men Walk, Men Talk, you are there to walk. The chat comes second and its usually with the chap next to you who is sipping a coffee and staring at the trees!

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Join our journey. Make a difference. Our partners provide resources that help us make this happen for everyone and they ensure it is FREE for all.

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Quite simply, it's a 5km walk for men to escape the treadmill of life.

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MWMT Crowdfunding To Grow To Reach Communities Across The UK

Our crowd-funding request makes use of the wonderful philanthropic, modern-day tool we hope can help us to support the growth of our MWMT 5km Walks to reach many more local communities across the UK.

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Walk 24 2 19

MWMT 5km Walk 24/2/19

Our second MWMT 5km walk was yesterday. Here are a few of our chaps out enjoying the fantastic weather we had.

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Mwmt Walk 1Aa

MWMT Events Are Officially Underway.

Despite howling winds, people turned out for our first MWMT 5km walk along the Railway Walk on Sunday 27 January.

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Man Walking2

Goals of MWMT

MWMT will be available to men throughout the United Kingdom as soon as possible. We plan to have walks and our support services available across the country (or even internationally!)

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Men Walk, Men Talk Launches

We are delighted to announce that Men Walk, Men Talk (MWMT) has launched and ready to take on 2019. Our first 5km walk is: Sunday 27 January 2019 @ 09:00

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